Today, Saturday the 3rd of November 2012, my little bloggy was born.
wooo, STOP! ALthough there are roses in the background, this doesn’t mean that SMECompilation is a “little girli” blog. This is no discrimination against small, young girls. Okay, so as I just finished working a bit on the layout and content and bla bla bla, I looked at my work and recognized this entry from
Wordpress.com: Hello World!
The article was totally mainstream but they recommanded me to tell the world, why I started blogging. So here is my personal “Hello world!” :

Basically, I deicded to start blogging because my best friend invited me to a Tumblr blog (http://guesswhattivedone.tumblr.com/) . I figured out that this is really fun. I love doing furniture and little things for my room myself and I feel like I want to share this bit of creativity with the world.

I don’t know if my blog will be known or unknown, sucessful or not or if I will be able to keep this enthusiasm up, but whatever will happen, I tried it. Whatever happens, I had my own blog and for now, this is already pretty amazing for me.

much love<3

P.S. If you spot some english mistakes, please don’t be upset. I’m not a native speaker but I do my best.


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