Wagashi/ The different sweets

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Ayashirabe- Hakutou Jelly- Orinbe Nishiki- Macchamochi- Hakutoshigure

They all got at least one thing in common: They look like taken just out of the deepest sea somewhere around Japan.
At least one point is correct: These sweets sold in a quite big shop near Rockefeller Centre in New York City are very popular in Japan. And if you google a bit, they don’t even look unusual anymore. Ayashirabe is made of sweet bean paste wrapped in a crepe, Oribe Nishiki consists of a bean paste pastry with chestnuts.

The Oribe Nishiki is a sweet traditionally eaten with tea. The name can be related to the famous 16th century tea master Furuta Oribe who was an important part of the japanese tea ceremony chado. And this is what the name looks like originally: 織部錦
I love japanese, it simply looks amazing…

Why don’t you guys living next to Rockefeller step by and get some real cool sweets for the next rainy nothing-to-do saturday? Comment how it was!

much love<3


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