DIY Table in One Hour

Time: 1 hour / Material Cost: 0-12€ (depends on whether you already have magazines and a plate or not)

This is what the table looks like when its done. Just made out of magazines, ducktape and any kind of desk top- in this case I used a glass plate.

So here is what you need:
– 8 magazines (They all need to have the same hight and you should keep in mind that the inside will in the end be what you see of the magazine- not the cover)
– Any Table plate ( Can be a wood plate, a glass plate… anything!)
– ducktape
– scrissors

Take a magazine a check that there are no extra-thick commercials in it. Than section the magazine into equal parts and put the margin of the 20-30 pages you sectioned back into the magazine so that it becomes a loop. Just like this:

Fix the edges with ducktape. The ducktape will be on the bottomside so you can’t see it.

REPEAT step 1 and step 2 eight times and build a kind of cylinder looking table leg out of four magazines.

So now you finally got the two table legs. Place them next to each other and I just put the glass plate on top of them but if you are using wood and want some more security you can fix it with some extra strong glue.

have fun and much love<3


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