We Love Ombré !

Ombre means in italian and french – shadow – because it has a color gradient from light to dark, a bit like a shadow.
But even if it wouldn’t have such a belle nom I love it because of its extraordinarity it is the eye-catcher of every outfit.

These tights are from Etsy but I’ve got similar ones from American Eagle and Anthropologie. You could perfectly pair them with a lace skirt like this one and a some kind of a simple legit black top…

We Love Ombre Hair- like this:

I think it simply looks awesome!

You find a recipe how to make this awesome cake on the given website, but it is in german as I didn’t find any english one and
you could use this opportunity to practice german!

Hope you liked it
much love<3

Pictures taken from here, here, here and here. The rights of the pictures don’t belong to me, they just have a representative role for the Ombre trend.


One response to “We Love Ombré !

  1. I love these tights. I want them in a cranberry color. So chic!



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