Creating Our Own Social Market System

Helloooo people!

Today I would like to write about a project we just recently started in our politics lesson with by the way the most awesome teacher in the world. Just saying. So for this project or game we try we divided the class into groups of six people who now are the only survivors of the earth all together we were stranded on a not so lonely island. Theoretically it is lonely but later on we are supposed to discover natives. So there are tasks like the person who puts questions into the group and watch that it keeps going.

The task of this game is that we built a perfect market system and a perfect society without all the mistakes which have been made before. The worlds’ population was wiped out by a very tragical natural catastrophe and now it is our duty or honor, in which way you might see it, to make a total restart and learn from mistakes. We will be put into different situations and report our actions parallel on a computer.

I am pretty excited for this and I hope all those teachers out there take this as an example because not only me but all the class is really pretty into this! I am going to upload our society and market system here when it is finished!

much love<3


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