Doc, I need Shoes for A Life Time!

The Doctor Klaus Märtens came back from his military duty as the war ended in 1945 he finally wanted to wear some really comfortable boots in contrast to the stiff safety boots he had to wear during his military duty. He created the first prototype several weeks after the second world war ended. He contacted his old friend Herbert Funk who was fascinated by the idea and together they built the first “Dr. Martens” just out of remains of the army. The shoes were a total success and soon it had the international attention.
The shoes recipe for success is the sole of the boots which has air pads in it so that you can walk straight and you can strain your backbones and derive the weight which lies on your feet. They are available in many colors and textiles when bought regularly.
The “Dr. Martens For Life” have an extra thick sole and are made in a way that they last for a lifetime and this is also guaranteed.
With the original idea still in them, these shoes have a really impressive good quality and are paid for a very fair price!

Try them!
-much love<3


2 responses to “Doc, I need Shoes for A Life Time!

  1. I LOVE that Doc Martins are making a huge comeback. The junior high memories are flooding back. I seriously want all of these under my Christmas tree!!!


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