best wordpress-fashion-blogger: Eleanor!

To be honest I feel like I found my first blogger-friend… Eleanor writes about the very difficult, weird and awesome life as a teenager.
But also mainly about fashion and all these other beautiful things we all secretly want to share with the world.
Another to-be-honest: Her posts are (until now) the only posts I really read from beginning to the end. I personally just really like her writing style!
So please LOOK AT HER BLOG!!



One response to “best wordpress-fashion-blogger: Eleanor!

  1. Wow, I cannot believe what I have just read ! I am so grateful and that has given me a big confidence boost x I look forward to reading your posts !!!They are amazing, and quirky and just so different.When I read them I get a sense of real thought and detail that go into your posts.Also, I feel like I have found my first blogger friend too!
    Thank you so much đŸ˜‰

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