Wanna Take Some New Pics?

Okay, come on! We all know it we all do it: Take new pictures for our Facebook profile!
Then there are creative people (wish I was) who paint themselves or wear something special which maked them look simply gorgeous. But everyone does this with friends.
Hah, that’s easy! What about doing it all on you own? We’re not talking about Facebook anymore but about real art. Like Levi van Veluw : The art pictured beneath my pretty little speach which you will see when you scroll down, is made by Levi van Veluw and only by him!
Can you imagine that? He did all this on his own! Like a real one-man-project. Impressive. Take a look!









3 responses to “Wanna Take Some New Pics?

  1. Where do you find all these wonderful pictures and artist/photographers ?

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