The Fault In Our Stars

I a m s p e e c h l e s s !

I am speechless of this beauty. Not only her painted portraits but also by how beautiful she is. I have to admit that Shae my favourite artist by far until now! PLEASE everybody needs to look at all of per pictures! Not only the girls, the scene and the arrangement of colors are simple beautiful but also the clothes!

wow I know I repeat myself with the word beautiful but this art is really worth it! I love it so much it is so perfect and look what she answered me via email: I had a crazy deadline on an art job and did nothing for 4 days except eat, sleep and paint! But it’s done now so I can focus on other things…yay! Okay, usually I tend to exaggerate but how can someone be so perfect?!



THIS IS SHAE! doyaknowwhatImean?



One response to “The Fault In Our Stars

  1. Thanks for the comment! Such beautiful photos ❤

    x Aimee
    DIY Blog:

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