“P” as Politics or Prisoner

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I would like the topic of this post to be politics of the United States. Precisely it is about the rise of the number of US American prisoners. Although came across this on Tumblr so not the most serious source but the source of the article in general is the website of the American Civil Liberties Union. So I again want to emphasise that i copy and pasted this but still it is pretty good ( the writer said it’s okay ). Take a look.



As if these statistics weren’t startling enough, the US has just blocked proposals to expand prisoner rights at the U.N. meeting in Buenos Aires.
It opposed a proposal that would have allowed a prisoner facing disciplinary charges to be represented by a lawyer, even at his or her own expense. It pushed, unsuccessfully, for removal of a reference to health care being provided to prisoners free of charge – presumably because many U.S. prisons and jails charge prisoners for medical care. (The Brazilian delegation objected to the deletion, and the language remained in the Draft Report.)
The U.S. delegation was particularly hostile to any meaningful limits on solitary confinement, such as a maximum duration or the exclusion of vulnerable populations like children and persons with mental illness.

[The following is not my but the author’s comment and opinion.]

These delegations really show why the U.N. is so problematic & how it lacks any promise of progress, especially at the hands of the US on the Security Council. Of course, mass incarceration disproportionately affects people of color & the poor, so racial justice must be intertwined with the struggle for prisoner’s rights. Thanks to climateadaptation for the heads up about this story.



One response to ““P” as Politics or Prisoner

  1. I heard a radio broadcast today on how a disporationate number of black males also have a disproportiate number of weapons in the US. And resulting disproportianate incarceration. No doubt connected to poverty and racism. In canada we have racism, especially against first nations… though we dont have so many guns… maybe its the same for you in germany… by the way … petra kelly has been one of my personal heros. It is so hopeful to me that a young person like yourself has such political and global consiouxness. Namaste,,,

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