The Overview Effect


The following images are photographs of the earth emphasizing the use of electricity around the world. I find them very interesting because they show the wealth of different cities in the world, which surprised me because I didn’t think that these centers of light would be so clear. They were taken under the NASA Earth Observation. I hope you like them too !
This is my source:
Please also take a look at the VIDEO at the NASA website.

best, stella






4 responses to “The Overview Effect

  1. it’s as beautiful as it is interesting. awesome post!

  2. Reblogged this on SMIPP Ltd. and commented:
    I don’t look at this photo just as a nice artistic one. In construction works, there is a system for heating inside the buildings, installing coils on the floors before the finishing. Heat is transferred through the coils and the building gets the heat pretty enough and well distributed all around. The photo is telling us that the lights, buildings, cars, air condition, trains, planes, ships, power plants, all electric devices and mechanical systems are producing heat. So our lands, the floor of our planet increasingly is getting heated. Where does this heat go? Some of the Scientist are looking at the skies and ignore AGW.

  3. yes … its beautiful and sad at that same time… africa is very dark and the us is really over illuminated. all that light pollution … so much waste … thanks for the post. Defenitely illuminating .

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