The Power of Dreams

My Dear Readers,

Imagination is the human’s greatest asset. A very wise person whose name I sadly forgot once told me that human fantasy is like a constant closing book. The older you get, the more likely is it that you to fall into a routine. You lose your spirit of adventure and the curiosity little children have. Luckily I am not in this state but I hope you guys will think about my words. The pictures I want to present you today are more about the power of dreams but I wanted to share the already mentioned above thought with you anyways.






3 responses to “The Power of Dreams

  1. loves your work! Your originality is wonderful. It is exactly what we look for in our resident artists. We invite you to submit your work to the gallery. Please go to our home page and click “Artists Submissions” read carefully and submit.
    We would also like to promote your work in our magazine by creating a post on you and your work.
    Please contact us at

    Founder/Senior Curator
    Stacia Gates

    • Dear Stacia Gates,
      I am honored about your offer!! I contacted you via email and submited my blog on your website. I would mean a lot to me if you also write about me in your magazine, your gallery is very beautiful and has a very good and fine selection of art.
      Hope to hear from you,
      best- Stella

  2. Beautiful shots – very dreamy and surreal….

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