No matter how b…

No matter how beautiful it looks in reality, the sky can never take it’s full effect on photographs. I wonder why that is so…


2 responses to “No matter how b…

  1. Your tastes may be for the sparkly, but I see them as being for the unusual, clever and original. I am quite surprised at the maturity of your writing .

    I especially admired your answer to another blogger, who wrote she wasn’t good at anything. You advised her to erase that comment. My book club chose the theme of women’s roles in the world. One thing women should never do is undermine themselves: the world is all too anxious to do that for us.

    • first of all: thank you for telling me your oppinion about my blog, i really appreciate that!
      i agree with you, however i think that anyone should never undermine himself i do not think that there is a difference between men and women in this point. Because without self confidence you won’t get far in this world. and i agree that women who appear to be “weaker” (which doesn’t necessarily has to be the case) need to put even greater effort into their self confidence and how they present themselfes.

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