Hey guys, I wrote this paper and hope you enjoy it!

There are two main elements which are essential for a good art work. On one hand it has to be unique and innovative, something new the world hasn’t seen.  On the other hand  there needs to be a meaning behind it. A story, which breathes life into the art piece and widens the onlooker’s sensation to a dimension beyond its material existence.

Starting with the basis of any art work, the process of creation, I would like to point out one important basic: Every good art piece is not just made- it is composed!
The artist needs to have a clear concept and a concrete scheme of his project. This is because people will later on notice if the art work is a well-thought composition or just any art components put together with no deeper connection.

The first element, uniqueness, concerns solely the art work’s outward appearance. It is very important because with this surface impression the viewer decides if whether  the art work is worthy of a second view and if he is therefore interested in it.

To catch this attention, the art piece needs to be innovative. It can for example consist of a material which is not typically used in connection with art, or show a familiar situation which is presented in a new way. has been alienated . It has to be outstanding and eye-catching!

This all together already makes a quite good piece of art.
But for perfection one more component is required. The story behind the picture is the most essential element. When he tells explain the meaning of single elements of the picture or why it was composed that way, the viewer can imagine the artists’ ideas and motives.

Therefore a close connection between onlooker and art work is created.
Moreover it is no longer just any piece of art work. The onlooker starts looking for details, for hints which fit the authors given interpretation. He thinks about the art work, its title and how it was made. A relationship between the art piece and its viewer is created: a relationship which makes this one art piece special for him and assures that it will stick in his memory.

In summary, there are two essentials which the artist must consider while creating the art work. First, his work needs to be unique and special so that it catches the viewer’s attention. As many people as possible should be effected by this. Therefore the artist needs to be aware of his target group. It is then important to strengthen the viewer’s positive first impression. It is essential to give him back ground background information in terms of the artist’s intention. That could imply giving him the meaning of the composition or any additional information. Because of that this additional information the viewer notices details which give the art work its flair and understands why the artist composed his work in that this particular way. This creates a bonding between the art piece and the viewer!



  1. thanks for sharing! Love where you said….Every good art piece is not just made- it is composed! So true….

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