The glorious Edvard Munch

Dear Readers,

last weekend, the last weekend of my vacation, I was in NYC- the big apple- visiting the Museum of Modern Art. It is by far the museum I enjoy visiting the most as it has classic but also a vast exhibition of contemporary and very diverse art! At this point I must admit that I prefer contemporary art because I can identify with it more. Still there is one artist whose paintings I truly love: Munch.

The Norwegian who lived from 1863 to 1944 is in my opinion the greatest expressionistic painter of the modern time. His most known work by far is “The Scream” which he painted an re-painted several times and worked over it many years. There are four paintings in different colour schemes and a number of lithographs (also extremely fascinating).

I had the possibility to see one of them in the MoMa.


Now, what is it, that fascinates people all over the world?

As many expressionists Munch does not see colour as a part of reality but more as a tool to express certain feelings. The wavy body and background stand in extreme contrast to the straight bridge. The body, which can be also found in his painting “Madonna”, seems ghost-like and surreal. Not only the colours are contrasted vastly. The scenery in the background shows a ship which is clearly suppose to swim in the water. But unlike in nature, Munchs’ sea is yellow, the soil is blue. This enhances how Munch does not believe in a naturalistic depiction of his scene but rather  in colour as a media of emotions.

What I found most striking is the following: He painted the body and also the background and the bride with very thick and strong and layered strokes, but the suffocated scream, the most desperate and important element of the painting, is just drawn by one, perfect stroke. You cannot see this very well one the photograph but it seems so light and real and unearthly that it takes you into its spell. I could have stared at it for hours if I weren’t always so hungry…

Beneath I included a lithograph of ‘The Scream’ Munch painted for a German fellow, I think it was an artilleryman but I am not quite sure. At the bottom it says “Ich fühle das ganze Geschrei durch die Natur” which can be translated as “I feel all the screaming through nature”

Wonderful line, really makes you think…


These are some of his other works



Thank your for reading, comments are appreciated!!


2 responses to “The glorious Edvard Munch

  1. Claudia S. Canessa

    Also other artists use color to work on human emotional states. I suggest you watch Antonioni’s Film “I misteri di Oberwald” or Zabriski Point..
    Nature all of a sudden changes colours giving huge impressions and emotions to the stunned beholder.

    • Ahh TC i appreciate very mch that you took some time to look at my blog! Thanks you for your suggestions I will certainly take a look at them!

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