We Love China (pureandreal)

My dearest Readers!

First of all, I would like to apologize for the long break of posts. I was really caught up with schoolwork during my finals.

Now back to the topic. Today I would like to present a modern photography artist to you, Louis Porter. Porter is an australian photographer who has taken several photo series on different topics. I personally like “I Love China” the best, I just couldn’t stop looking at it without at first knowing why.

Louis Porter depicts China in a way that is abnormal or even abstract to you, because it is in no way connected with the stereotype we all have in our heads. Most people- whether they have been to China, or not- combine this country automatically with crowded streets, millions of people, bright lights and of “Time is Money”. We think of metropolises and always smiling, friendly people. This all came up in my head, when I read the title “I Love China”.

In his work however, Porter shows a colourful, but quiet China, almost as if it was frozen. Everything seems at rest, all the pulsing life we imagine is nowhere to be seen. This change in perspective made me think about the stereotype and I believe that under closer observation Porter really shows us the human side of China- pure and real.

CREDS: © louisporter.com









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