Amazing. Surreal. Seemingly ordinary. The very special pictures of Djuno Tomsni are hard to describe, but I believe these three points describe them quite adequately. The artist chose ordinary scenes and common compositions, such as a boat in the center of the picture  floating on a river towards the horizon. To differ from these rather dull and known photographs he created a mashup with pictures of extraterrestrial objects, galaxies, planets or stars. The result is truly amazing. At the first sight the onlooker recognizes the ordinary scene before its details and is tempted to characterize or box it in that category. The mashup is perfect, which makes it so intense: although the scene is clearly not taken from reality, the inserted photography is adapted to all elements of the original picture and therefore it is not a disturbing factor. The effect these works have is hard to put into words, so please have a look yourself.







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