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Things That Make The World A Better Place (1)

Hi everybody out there,

throughout the visit of the MoMa New York I already talked about in my previous essay I discovered two inventions that can make the world a better place! I am truly amazed by these inventions which serve to help people who are in danger and need help or who have low living standards.

The first one is an earthquake secure table. We all sadly experienced what heavy influence an earthquake can have on people all over the world. Many houses are not build earthquake-proof and even if they are, people can suffer serious injuries by falling items like lamps or falling cupboards. Arthur Butter and Ido Bruno found a solution for that! The earthquake-proof table (EPT) is constructed in a way that items up to 1000 kilogram can fall on it without damaging the safe space under the table. Two people can fit under there and the EPT is compatible for bureaus and classrooms, wherever they are needed. I could not find any hint yet that they are produced for the last consumer but I hope they will be soon!

Click here for a video about the experiments they did to prove the safety of this table.


$eventhousand Dollar Table

Hey guys,
I am kind of in a period that I love everything sparkling! So look at this amazing Cocktail Table I discovered! Isn’t it magnificent? And you can actually buy it, all you need are 6909,46 Dollars. Easy thing. Okay no I’m joking I was a bit speechless when I saw the price. Anyway for those of you who can effort it, here’s the link where you can buy it: Fancy






Crazy Alert

A man from New Zeeland spend five weeks during vacation in Edmonton to built a very special iglu with his girlfriend. They coloured water with food dye and then put it into milk cartons. As soon as the water froze they got solid ice bricks with which they could build their “Rainbow Iglu”.

There is a detailed report about their project and an interview with the couple who built it here.





Wait, Stop. There’s more more more! ∞


hey, i found something very similar to the confettisystem i told you guys some time ago, do you remember? well, the “thing” i’m talking about is called pom pom factory. sounds wonderful barbie-like? it is not. photographer beinta á torkilsheyggi … Continue reading

Who Can Resist The GOLD ?

One day remaining in 2012. An occasion for one or two to think about the bygone year and their successes and losses. Or not. I’m not gonna spread my hopes and fear to you but present the fantastic glamorous shine of gold! I just love the shining and sparkling and around New Year I am not the only going mad. Plus I’m really surprised how my clicks the post Ombré hits. So… let’s goooo!


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Raumarbeiten [installations]

by Heike Weber




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We Love Red Soles !

There are fakes everywhere but Hey, let’s face it: Louboutin’s are simple chic! A bit too expnsive to just buy one but still… So I am the proud owner of the original Christian Louboutin book . I love it and them because they are the Chanel of shoes! You can’ t descirbe the vibe of a Chanel or Louboutin but every person who is interested a bit in high fashion will understand me…
Back to the Book: Here are some pictures,you love them!




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