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Enfants de la Rue

The artist I would like to present today is Aboudia Abdoulaye Diarrassouba, who I discovered during my visit at Saatchi Gallery in London. His series “Enfants de la rue” was especially fascinating to me. Aboudia captures images from the streets of his hometown Abidjan and sees himself only as a reporter. However, his work goes far beyond an observatory function. Aboudia enhances and exaggerates certain characteristics of the persons and objects he portrays to reveal absurdities of our modern world. In “Enfants the la rue 1” the, wide, bright smiles of the children shows the preposterous nature of people (only in extreme cases children) following directions of a superior ‘ruler’, a person that is human just like everybody else, to fight and kill for the sake of the country– fight humans, just because they were born in a country this ‘ruler’ considers to be generally evil, the enemy. During wars, citizen kill, become murderers, and are celebrated and honored for that. The white-colored weapons (where white traditionally stands for peace, innocence and life) in this context seem highly ironical and provocative.

The technique of painting in a sarcastic manner creates the tension of these works and forces their onlooker to deduct the artists’ message themselves; at the same time there is relatively little room for misinterpretation. The message Aboudia conveys is extremely profound and an essential problem of human nature, however, his pictures are not at all grave and onerous, which is why I could not stop looking at them.

Untitled (Diptych)

Daloa 29





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▲▲▲ Somewhere – Nowhere ₪ ₪ ₪

Hey Guys, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!!

Let it be a good one! I hope your New Years Eve was fantastic and you’re not suffering too much from a head ache today. The the last posts were about very profound art so let’s get some variety in here! The triangles ▲ maybe already gave it away: This is art is Hipster! No careful composition, no long-tradition techniques just plain expression of feelings and I LOVE IT!
The man behind the scenes is called Kieron, he is a collage artist and designer living in Brighton, England. This is his website: CUR3ES.


STOP!Oh my smec! There’s more!!∞